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OSK - The End of Time is a stylishly brutal platformer in which you climb an enormous tree, up towards the sky as a squirrel escaping the chaotic apocalypse down below in this chaotic depiction of the beginning and the end. 

OSK is a shorter 2.5D platformer developed by the one-man studio Diax Arts in which you climb an enormous tree, up towards the sky as a squirrel escaping the chaotic apocalypse down below. Youโ€™ll have to outsmart your enemies, solve puzzles and climb fast all to stay alive as long as possible in this challenging, chaotic depiction of the beginning and the end.

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Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
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AuthorDiax Arts
GenrePlatformer, Action, Adventure
Tags2D, Abstract, artgame, Atmospheric, Difficult, Experimental, jumping, nature
LinksSteam, Twitter, YouTube


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I feel that this is a beautiful game! I really enjoyed the short run time. It was a chalange. I did feel that jumping was a bit unfair. 

When I first started I didn't know I could jump in the air. When I did jump in the air I couldn't tell how many times I had till I couldn't anymore.  Please add a meter showing how much jump power you have.

Collectable items are small and hard to see. Please change any items which are red to be green just for contrast also make them easier to spot the glitter particles are okay but still not quite enough. Please make the health bar green it blends in too much being red and move it to the top of the screen and make it larger.

The lightning power-up is cool but not really nessisary also you can't tell where you are shooting and when you hit something.  I couldn't consistantly use it to attack anything.

The battle with the spider at about the midpoint had a bullet time effect. This was disorianting as well as sometimes after using my attack the game slowed down and most of the time it didn't.

I ran this on Linux with WINE it worked just fine other then the the slow downs.

At this point in development I don't feel that there is $5 worth of content.

Thank you for the very nice, detailed review!^^ Some very good points brought up, will consider them in a future update!


Truly beautiful! Still working my way up the tree now!

Visually, this game is already impressive. The gameplay is just the right amount of challenging so far, but I've now gotten up to the spiderweb and I feel like I'm having trouble with the lightning attack? I'm still trying to figure it out but it doesn't seem as effective as I'd think it'd be, or I'm just not maneuvering enough to attack without taking damage.

Can't wait to see what's at the top of this tree!!

Thanks a lot! Really enjoyed watching the playthrough!^^ Hope you got to the top in the end!:D


What OS is this playable on?

Microsoft Windows.

Sorry bout the late reply! Like Tom stated the Itch version is for Windows but its also available for Linux & Mac over on Steam!^^

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Excellent artistic game. Congrats, pal.

Big thanks! ๐Ÿ™


Very pretty!

Thank you!:D

Pretty, but with problems.

Check my short video review:

Thank you for playing and nice review! ๐Ÿ™


Just played through the game a couple of times, here's some thoughts:

First, the game is gorgeous in its presentation. It looks beautiful and sounds great. Never before has climbing a tree felt like such an epic journey. Movement also feels very good, and the multiple jumps make it easy to recover if you make a mistake.

I think the only area that this could be improved is the whole  "puzzles and outsmarting enemies" thing mentioned in the description. While I enjoyed the different platforming challenges they really didn't require much in the way of thought. Run or blast enemies, jump to the next platform. Not much of a challenge or puzzle. I tried the game on hardcore mode, too, and didn't notice much difference. 

A couple of other suggestions: First, the game felt even better after I mapped a controller to go with it, so if you can include controller support natively that would make it even better. Also, it would be nice to be able to skip the opening cutscene. It's lovely, but after seeing it a few times I just wanted to get into the game.  

Last thought: The ending was cool, but after seeing it twice I still have no idea what it meant. That's not necessarily a bad thing, I just wanted to say it because I'm still scratching my head and thinking about it.

Thanks a lot for playing and you've got some really good points. Will def consider improving on those in a future update!๐Ÿ™


this might just be the prettiest game ive come across on this website yet

Thank you! That means a lot!^^


Wow, looks very nice. Keep em going...๐Ÿ˜

Thanks a lot! ๐Ÿ™


Thank you! Just launched the game and it runs beautifully.

Thanks! Thats really great to hear! ๐Ÿ™Œ